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the reason Bali is attracted by many tourists

As a person who likes traveling, I see that the existence of tourism objects spread throughout Indonesia is not much different from those on the island of Bali, especially in terms of the beauty of the beach. The problem is why on the island of the Gods is very famous and liked by tourists? I wished, if all the good places were managed in ways like those in Bali, maybe they could have the same popularity even more famous. And as a tourist usually, I noted a number of things that became his superiority. The causes of beaches in Bali are preferred:

Free. Many beaches in the territory of Indonesia are getting famous, hurry up and subject to retribution and pay for this. It’s different from those in Bali, where I see the local government levies fees not from end users (tourists), but from business people who take advantage of the beauty of the beach. Even if someone pays, it is usually not expensive and the level of visit is not as high as in the region that is free.
Supporting infrastructure was built. Starting from the road to tourist attractions, public facilities such as toilets and the ease of building hotels are carried out. I once visited one of the beaches on the island of Java that had a bad road to get there. When the car is covered through mud puddles, until it reaches a place that is not well known, there are retribution withdrawals. It’s not expensive but it’s enough.

There are not many rules for tourists. For business people in Bali, maybe they are subject to various rules of the game which are quite a lot from the local government. I had a chance to chat with the drinks seller on Kuta beach, they were obliged to maintain cleanliness around their stalls, they had to leave before certain hours and were prohibited from forcing visitors. While in some other regions, business people are too spoiled as if they were the local king. We as visitors are limited in time while they are free and in and out of cleanliness.

There are always innovations that are liked by tourists. Many beaches in Bali have different themes. For example Jimbaran as a diner on the beach, tanjung benoa for water sports and others. Try to see it in other regions, is there thematic enforcement? If one city has several beaches, then if one is famous, then the other one is packed together. So tourists feel just visiting one.

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Security is guaranteed, especially from other people. Indeed, I am quite annoyed with the behavior of peddlers who do not always offer merchandise in Kuta. But several times there I did not hear of any interference that led to violence from them. I have even experienced unpleasant events on one of the beaches in Java. Where, because they did not buy merchandise, uh … in the local language they grumbled with words that didn’t taste good in their ears. Even parking was prohibited near the area because it did not buy. When I got home, I saw my car on the back like it was flushed with washing water. Hhmm …

From the facts above, it feels very natural if the beaches on the island of the Gods are preferred by travelers. And this is proof of the success of Bali tourism arrangements that need to be emulated by other regions in Indonesia.

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